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Allie Morgan Panther Spotlight


Panther Spotlight

Allie Morgan

By Jessica Pitcock

CCN Sports

Junior Allie Morgan is the youngest of the Morgan girls to come through Cumberland County High School. Her sisters Bailey and Maggie both played sports throughout school and Bailey is the coach of the softball team at CCMS now. Allie has been on the varsity softball team for the past 3 years. She describes herself as hardworking, easy going, and friendly. She always has a smile on her face and kind to everyone.

Allie is the baby of the family. She is the daughter of Bryan and Nicole Morgan and has two older sisters Bailey and Maggie. Allie stated that she her ability to make people laugh and funniness from her dad and her tender heart from her mom.

Her parents said, “Allie is the youngest of our three girls and is our last Lady Panther in Cumberland County sports. Like her older sisters, she has participated in many sports, clubs, and activities throughout school. She has been involved in basketball, golf, and has played softball since she was five years old.”

Following in her sisters’ footsteps, softball has always been her passion! Softball has always been a part of her life in some way – from watching her older sisters and cheering them on from the bleachers from the time she was a little girl just waiting for her turn on the field to being a part of the Varsity Lady Panther team herself! Allie has had a lot of experience playing JV and now an opportunity for more Varsity experience but no matter if she’s on the field or in the dugout, she is always showing school spirit and supporting and encouraging her teammates! She is one of the first to meet a teammate at the plate for a celebration or you may see her banging on a bucket trying to rally the team during a close game!” said her parents.

Allie is a friend to everyone, an encourager and a shoulder to cry on. She has THE biggest heart and her smile and laughter is contagious! Allie makes us proud in all she does but her genuine kindness and love for her friends and teammates is what makes our Lady Panther shine,” her parents said.

Allie said, “The teacher that has had the biggest impact on me would be Mrs. Tabatha Cooksey. She knows me like no other and has always treated me like I was her own. She has shown me what it is like to have someone behind you all the way. She always makes sure to reassure me that everything is going to be ok. She is definitely one of a kind.”

Cooksey said, “Allie is the most amazing young person that I have ever known! As her teacher, she worked so hard and always put in the extra time to do her very best in whatever I asked her to do. I think I won the award for getting the most out of her because she never let me down. As her coach, Allie had the utmost respect for the game, her teammates, and me as her coach. She was a true example of what an athlete should be for their team.”

Allie has a laid back personality that loves people for what they are and is always at their aid if needed. She made me feel important as her teacher and coach and she never failed to support my words of advice, my high expectations, or even my discipline―she ALWAYS respected it. I love Allie with every piece of my heart. She will always be my girl and I will continue to stand by her side and root her on to the next step in life for as long as I am able. She will do big things and I plan to be her cheerleader through it all,” said Cooksey.

Allie said, “My biggest role models in my life are my two older sisters, Bailey and Maggie. They both have had a huge role in my life and have always taught me to push myself to be the best I can be and to never give up. They are also my sport’s heroes and the reason I play softball. I grew up at the ball field watching them play every weekend and that’s the reason I play.”

Allie said, “I am thankful in this life for my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. Being on a team teaches me that hard work pays off, how to be a good teammate, and self discipline. I look for trust and loyalty in a friend. My biggest fan is my best friend Bella Wright. She is always cheering me on.”

Her best friend, Bella Wright, said, “Allie is the most amazing friend a person could ask for. She is so caring,loving,funny and most of all my best friend! She works so hard in everything she does on and off the softball field and always has the best attitude. She has done everything under the moon for me like listening to all my boring stories and laughing at my non funny jokes. She not only does the most for her friends, but she does even more for her family and boyfriend.”

Allie isn’t just my friend she is more of a sister. She always makes me laugh when I need it the most. I love Allie for who she truly is. She has the purest heart and the most amazing personality. Allie is the hardest working person I know and still makes time for everyone around her! I love Allie so much and I’m so excited to see her succeed in life, and can’t wait for all the excited things that are in store you for. I Love You Allie!,” said Wright.

Allie plans on attending Eastern Kentucky University after she graduates. She wants to become a physical therapy assistant. She wants to be a PTA because she wants to help people regain their strength that they have lost and help them get back to the level they were at before their accident or illness. Allie said that her biggest dream in life is to be successful in whatever she is doing and to be able to provide for her family. She loves living here and said she loves CCHS because it is a small school and everyone knows everyone, so it is like everyone is one big family.


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