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Letters to the Editor

The Cumberland County News welcomes Letters to the Editor that express the opinions of our readers.

Letters to the Editor must be on subjects relevant to the readers of this publication and must follow the newspaper’s guidelines. Letters should be 500 words or less and should not contain libelous or profane statements. Anonymous, form and mass e-mail letters will not be published. Letters endorsing or opposing a political candidate are considered advertising and will not be published. All letters must be signed by the writer and must include the writer’s complete address and telephone number for verification.
Issues of heightened community interest generate significantly more letters than usual. In order to give all of our readers who want to express their views the opportunity the News will print one 500 word or less letter per person on high interest issues.

The Cumberland County News reserves the right to edit or reject any letter and to limit frequent writers.
Letters to the Editor and other articles on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Cumberland County News publisher and staff.

Please mail letters to Cumberland County New, PO Box 307, Burkesville, KY 42717 or email to